Our 5DNA

Being good stewards of our natural resources and supporters of the community isn't just what we do, it's in our DNA. We have five guiding principles that influence every decision we make.


Whether you are here by bike, car or on foot, there's a place waiting for you at Sylvan | Thirty.


We're committed to minimizing our impact on the environment.

Local/Organic Food Options

Local food not only nourishes our bodies, it helps the community as well.

Community Outreach

With farmers markets, public art displays by local artisians and countless community events held in our public spaces, we hope to become a hub.

Simple & Sophisticated

Life is hectic enough.

About Sylvan | Thirty

Sylvan | Thirty is much more than just a place to pick up some vegetables or grab a quick bite to eat. With farmers markets, public art displays by local artisans and countless community events, Sylvan | Thirty always offers a hub of activity in the community. Sylvan | Thirty includes more than 200 studios and lofts, local retailers and a local, organic grocery market with farm fresh produce, artisan breads and a high-quality butcher.