Sylvan | Thirty Takes a Bite Into a Bánh Mì Sandwich

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More international cuisine is coming to Sylvan | Thirty: Bánh Mì Station, a fast-casual restaurant specializing in the iconic Vietnamese sandwiches, has signed a lease to open its restaurant on the south side of the Sylvan | Thirty development facing Sylvan Avenue later this year. Construction on the restaurant, which will accommodate nearly 50 people both inside and outside on the enclosed arched trellis patio, is expected to start in April.

“We expect Bánh Mì Station will become an immediate hit with the Sylvan | Thirty crowd that love to explore food from around the globe,” said Bánh Mì Station owner Kevin Vivorakij.

Design firm Coeval has been tapped to create Bánh Mì Station’s 1,440-square foot interior, which will embrace a French and industrial style that conveys the nostalgic feel of a train station.

As customers walk in, they will be directed to place an order at the counter, either through a cashier or a self-order kiosk. There will also be a designated pick-up area where customers can watch their meals being created through a large window that peeks into the kitchen.

“With the world getting smaller, we are seeing an exciting increase of beautiful international cuisines in America, one of which is Vietnamese food and its Bánh Mì sandwich, making Bánh Mì Station a natural fit for Sylvan | Thirty’s dynamic food scene,” said Brent Jackson, President of Oaxaca Interests and developer of Sylvan | Thirty.

Customers of the restaurant will have several fusion food options to choose from, but the main star of the event will be the bánh mì. The Vietnamese sandwich, which typically features braised five spice pork belly, pickled carrot and daikon, jalapeno, cilantro, cucumbers with deliciously handcrafted sauces, is served on a fresh, toasted baguette. Each sandwich is customizable with protein offerings such as braised duck, five spice brisket, lemongrass grilled chicken, ginger turkey meatballs, smoked pulled pork and braised tofu.

For lighter fare, Bánh Mì Station will offer bao, a steamed bun that’s topped with meat and vegetables. The menu will also feature a selection of sides, including Thai curry mac and cheese, papaya salad and pulled pork Kimchi fries.

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